Wednesday, 25 January 2012

sexlog 15.1.12

In which our hero learns to shift his weight, a flying kick is administered to the balls and the best angle on a man is appreciated.

“you know, I think this has to be my favourite angle to view a man.” these are the thoughts that run through my head as a cock is slid down into my throat. I say slid in because I am in a very passive position. My hands are tied behind my back and tauntly roped to my feet, leaving me quite immobile . My play partner is on top pressing his lovely thick cock down my throat, meaning I am looking up from between his thighs, passed the balls that are pressing down on my nostrils to the lovely mounds of his buttocks. The musk of the balls, feel of his cock filling my mouth and the sight of his ass is a very potent mix indeed.
The only sight that matches it greets me later when his weight bears down on top of me as I am forced to rim him and I see the terrain of his back stretching out above me. The mountains of his shoulder blades in the distance, parted by the valley of his spine leading to the hills of his ass right in-front of my eyes.

My play partner is M. who I mentioned in my posting on the new years day Recon event. After much twitter flirting it was felt that a meet-up would be in order, so I shlocked my ass into London and over to his place. Well things very quickly heated up once I was through the door I soon found myself on the bed being sucked and kissed while my hands were roped behind my back. Once I was hog-tied it was a fun while of the aforementioned forced sucking and rimming till my tongue ached. Something that I particularly like is the fact that I was expected to still move and shift my own weight while tied up. Oh don’t get me wrong, a man dragging me round the room and manhandling me into position is hot for me but having to wiggle and struggle really highlighted how vulnerable I was. It also made me feel like I was having to work to get to suck my tops cock.
After a while of this there was a quick rearrange of my limbs so my arms were tied to the corners of the bed my exposed balls were weighted down, by way of a ball stretcher, to a spare trainer left on the floor. Then a but-plug was produced and slowly drove into me. With my ass filled and nuts constantly tugged I found it a but harder to concentrate on the tick cock that was once again being shoved into my mouth, but I didn’t have to worry about that for too long. Once I was loose and relaxed enough it came time to be untied for something a bit more intimate. Now M. has a lovely thick bodied cock that felt great filling my mouth but being a bit of a novice fuckee I found it a little hard to take at first. It was on the second attempt, once we had re-arranged into a spooning position, that he was able to push into me and I was able to feel him stretch and fill me without too much pain. We build up the rhythm slowly, with him taking small gentle movements until I started to loosen up more. The small rocking grew into full grown thrusts soon enough as he was pinning my leg back to get deeper into me as I pushed into him. It was a long while we kept this up until I felt the need to cum. We shifted so I was on my back with my ass in the air and he thrust down on top of me. As he drove deep into me I began to wildly jerk my cock to climax where I covered myself in thick viscose strands.
The glow of the sexual endorphin high lasted a long time, with a nice, long, sticky, cuddling session with occasional snogging. When it came time to finally move about again, I first had to take of the ball stretcher. M started by tugging at the shoelace that launched the shoe right into my balls.
I'm *assured* this flying kick was not intentional CBT but an accident. Lol.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

the new year party

The new year
In which out hero has an enforced quiet night in. a training implement is given, and the joys of new friends.

well I brought in the new year in a very quiet way; I lost my voice from a bad throat and cold I have been battling with since Christmas and it hit me hardest new years. As a result I stayed in bed for the big countdown listening to the NYE Hogmany celebration on BBC radio Scotland.
The next day however was a very different story.
Feeling much better I packed my bag and headed into London where I checked myself into a travel lodge (where expectations of budget lodgings go to die) and went off to have myself a fun night out of debauchery at the London full fetish event hosted by recon. It had been a long while since I stayed out for a club and it was a much needed break and relaxation. Though come to think of it relaxation may not be the right word.
Where to start?
As well as catching up with an old friend, my big bro and his daddy I met some new people that ensured I had a very good night. The big Bro and I caught up and finally was able to exchange Christmas presents. I had bought him a white wrestling singlet that gets see through when stretched. I am hoping it looks as fine as I imagine it might, but I will have to wait till next time I see him for that. He, on the other had, got me a Christmas present which did get used that night, mostly by him ON me. He got me a ridding crop. For much of the night he was gleefully taking swipes at my butt whenever the opportunity presented itself. This caught the attention of a group of friends standing nearby us and turned out to be a great conversation starter with them. We chatted for a bit and got to know them and they all seemed a great bunch. For privacy reasons I will not talk about all of them and those I do I will refer to as S,M and A from this point.
It wasn’t long before the conversation broadened and I brought up the fact that S had a flogger on him, which he kindly demonstrated on me. For the rest of the night the party referred to me as 'S's new toy' which I found to be a real turn on. I was very much passed around that group to be groped, fondled, snoged, tickled and made to lick and suck. A, a large muscular guy my age, used a few wrestling moves to lock me in place while I was played with by the rest. Another mention was a rubber clad cutie, M, I found to be a great kisser, among other things.
So I left that night far more satisfied than I have been in a long time and knowing a few new people whom I am sure will bring even more good times. So not a bad start to the new year.

Im hoping event picks will show soon, I will post here if the do.