Monday, 16 July 2012

fetish week, demmo's at regulation. E-stim cock vice

Following on from the previous post, the next demo we observed and took part in was a demonstration of an E-stim accessory that I doubt my partner and I will be getting, however we did have a fun time when it came to our turn at the controls. The attachment was a perspex vice, in which one of Regulation model's cock was secured in. The control box was also something special too. It used a microphone to regulate the power and intensity of the charge given meaning the louder and deeper the sound. This was fun for the sheer experimentations, and I loved seeing what my partner, a trained singer, could do with that. I will admit to taking a great amount of pleasure with this demo as the testee is a friend of ours whom has had me at his mercy in the past, hehe.
please note faces have been blurred to protect the subjects identity. this is your loss as the facial expressions he pulled are great!

E-stims website:
The vice attachment:
and regulation's site:

Sunday, 15 July 2012

fetish week, demos at regulation. the rubber ball

well this fetish week i didnt get to do much, but one of the events was able to attend was the demmo day at Regulation on saturday.
My partner and I had a rather informative discussion with a representative for E-Stim about all there products. This little chat was great for us as our latetst acquisition had been the basic E stim kit and we LOVED it. the amount of play and experimentation we was able to get out of just the basic sticky pads was a verifiable cornocopica of delights and so we were eager to see what other toys we could get to go along with it. It was after that that some real fun came in a demmo of the rubber ball. It sounds odd to describe but this it of kit works a huge rubber coccoon, completely encasing the user in a high pressurised rubber bubble. the volunteer to use such a thing was a friend of mine, Rubber Boy seraph.
you can find his recount of it at:
regulations site: