Sunday, 11 March 2012

life as it is

Ah my dear, dear reader. I have let you down. I have been off having little adventures and such and not relaying it to you. This will be remedied very soon, and all my little tails will be recanted.

For now i just wanted to keep you up to date on my life. My social life has exploded since new-years day and i am getting to know a great new social circle of geeks and kinksters, and having many adventures along the way.
This seems to take up the lions share of the time now as it means much of my free time is spent traveling up and back to London. My wallet is beginning to feel the pinch of this for sure and i think maybe its time to look for work and housing closer to the big smoke.
i will give a brief synopsis of whats been going on in my life, in verse.

first i went to high tea with a guy that suited and booted me
he clad me in a three piece suit and fondled me with glee
for office dress was very much his cup of tea
that's why he made me role play as his Secretary.

i sped after work to a get together for pancake Tuesday
where many dressed in rubber for after pancake play
tight in latex we groped and rubbed together in a play-full way
though we were running out of rubber shinning spray

another party, a week later in the same place
saw me putting a gas mask over another guys face
with my comrades sealing him in a neoprene case
and our tickling saw him writhing with little grace

and today i had great time piggy backing a big muscle boy
of his intentions for puppy tails and wrestling he was not coy
for he seemed content to throw me about like a play toy
and his wish to do so brang me much joy