Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What a beautiful video explaining about Bara. the music and cinematography have a lovely dreamy feel and the narrator is rather dishy too.
It's a pity Bara isn't more widely spread in the western world, if there is one thing I would like, it would be more images of natural and alternative men shown as attractive active in the wider culture.

Bara by Letterpress from Graham Kolbeins on Vimeo.

thanks to bear's art van for originally posting this.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

so...this gym thing....

Yyou may remember a few posts ago i talked about my desire to return to the gym and the turmoil that came of it. I felt maybe it would be best to do a little update on that for how both my body and mind have faired. The first big thing is that i have kept up with it pretty consistently and made good use of my gym membership. This, considering my track-record of starting a new gym and leaving in record time, is already a big success. I have found it helps to give myself short term goals to live up-to so i have a reason to do my gym routine and not justify procrastinating about it.
My body is changing, and far more rapidly that i thought it would. It's exciting to see my body change and to know i can exert a lot more control over my form than i thought. My shoulders are more defined, my back is expanding and i actually have biceps now! (before it was a knotted bit of string lol). It has become obvious now the reason my body didn't change before was i was working with some very bad advice. My trainer before had given me some odd workout choices that, now i know from research how my body works a bit better, seem very nonsensical. Heed this lesson kids: do your own research.
and lastly we get to the big thing; my mind. Seeing my body change and people take notice has helped keep me  in a healthy, happy state of mind about the whole thing and i can look into the mirror without seeing nothing but faults. That's not to say i haven't had to be careful. The tape measure has become my new 'frenemy'. I have had the compulsion to constantly measure my body everyday. This did me no good at all and always makes me fret about my waistline. It would be soo easy for me now that i have reached my waistline goal to just try and go that little bit further. and further. and further. As i said, i have to watch my insecurities about my cubby tummy.

so all in all? its been a good time for me.