Wednesday, 21 September 2011

when good sex has great effects

Sex makes us feel good. Its a fact. If done right sex is a great highlight of our time on this tiny spinning world. But last week was the first time for me that sex actually felt rejuvenating.
Last week was a time of many firsts for me, it was my first time in Spain, my fist holiday away from my family and my first bear event So for me it was a bit of an adventure. I spend several nights cruzing at the beachside party at night and flicking through the scruff app by day to find various hookups and they were all fun, but there was one that stood out to me for the effect it had.
For the rest of the evening riding the dopamine high that comes with good sex, and the days after I felt like I had been renewed, recharged and rejuvenated from the experience. It gave me a feeling that nourished me, which I hadn’t had in a good long while.
The experience itself was one hot sweaty affair and filled in my brain now in the 'great sex' folder. I had spent this holiday with my ex, whilst we are separated, was very much my partner in crime this holiday and one third of the event in question. It was late in a bar and we had ended up chatting to a Swedish gentleman who had an interest in bodybuilding. Now unlike a lot of the musclebears than hung around that week he seemed refreshingly devoid of attitude and a nice guy And had a even nicer body. When it came to a point where all three of us knew what we wanted we made are way to a cabbin in the darkroom and things got extremely sweaty.
Now it still seems odd that something which felt good for my soul happened in a plywood box but it gave me something that I needed. It was an encounter that whilst happening I became completely absorbed in. i'll admit that this is rare for me and in the process of sex my mind will plan ahead and even wander to the to do list for the day waiting for after the hookup but not this time. All my normal worries and to dos slipped completely from my mind and I was able to involve myself completely in the salty, panting, rough fun with two hot guys. This sense of freedom stayed with me long after and really marked the start of my mental holiday long after my physical holiday began.
It shows to me that sex can be more than just a bit of fun done right. Whether done with a friend or lover or even a stranger it can be a transformative, rejuvenating experience providing us with a solution to a deeper need within us.

oh and if your wondering we had the Swedish gentalman over the next day. he was considerate enough to bring hsi own handcuffs :-)