Saturday, 21 May 2011

come up to the bat-lab to see whats on the slab!

ah, this picture is the genre mixing fan art i love. I simply had to repost this like some cheap and twardry tumbler blog (relax I like tumbler).
the only thing wrong with this picture is that harly quin should have been made collumbia, who but she could fit so well into the role of a half crazed love-blind groupy?

Friday, 20 May 2011

where have i been this time

OK, so I've been a bad, bad bloggist. I've not kept up with regular posts on this blog and shamefully let it slip by the wayside whilst i have been doing my open university coarse in the evenings and filming for my other blog on the weekends. the whole thing would be rather embarrassing if I didn't know this blog had a rather low visit number.
As it is I have had a rather busy this last year in love and trying to make a go of a relationship. It didn't work out. From the moment I saw him across the courtyard on that warm spring night he felt like the one and it started off so well. For a long while it worked and then, and then?
I dunno, all the little problems started mounting up, and bunching together to make big problems, and after a long struggle to keep it working we both bowed to the fact we wanted two very different kind lives. It ended amicably. Maybe a little too amicably.
A person with more life experience than I once said to me that its a good thing that when breaking up, you have something to be angry at your ex for. Anger is a coping mechanism, when your feeling down or sad or vulnerable, most people swamp that with anger, it keeps you strong and able to fight when you shouldn't. it also gives you an opening to separate yourself from someone your in love with. As things are it has been hard for the both of us as we keep slipping back in boyfriend behaviour and struggling to move on.
but move on we must. i have a new chapter of my life to get on with.
As things are I've also had little time for working at my sketches and this will be remedied, as will a few other things that have been lacking in my life.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011