Wednesday, 16 March 2011

porn: the mother of inovation

porn is often cited as the reason VHS tapes beat betamax in the format wars (note. for those not learned in pre internet, vhs was a way to view video before downloads and streaming services lol) and lets face it, the growth of the internet is due to the promise of hot sweaty photos and videos at the click of a button.
So its nice to see porn and technology still going together nicely.

From the fifth of April titan men will be placing QR codes on the back of there dvd boxes that will give the potential customer a trailer for the film.
for those who don't know QR codes are basically bar-codes which contain webadresses. simply use an app on your iphone, android, blackberry or windows phone7 to snap a picture of this bar-code to have the trailer streamed to your smartphone.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

new hair

I wanted to try something difrent, so I gave myself an inverse skunk tail. That I thought worked out well. I just wish I handn't tried to to do my beard. Oh well live and learn
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