Tuesday, 29 January 2008


above is a superhero costume concept for myself that i drew, the design for it was infact thought up by my good friend michel. we had dicutions over whether my wepon would be a whip or twin billyclubs, and i settled on the whip for a tail esk wepon for this darwing, however the billyclubs are growing on me. the boots are my own aditions, cuz i LOVE those types of boots. though it is a dark colour scheame i also thought of doing grey, or even purple. however the black and white realy stands out. whilst i doubt my dreams of this version of me getting my own series or movie (coming soon: MOUSE BEGINS! coming to a screen near you). still this probably wont be the last you see of my alter ego (or my ego in general for that matter lol)
so thanks mike for the inspiration, wuv yous lots. xxx